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I personally abandoned to eat <animals> because I belief that they have also a conscience. We human as <animals> are aware of being alive then why other <animals> wouldn't be aware also. As <human-animals> we certainly share this awareness with other <animals>. This awareness is part of our primary nature.

Now, as <human-animal> I have a developed (intellectually speaking) tool to choose between many options, one of these is to eat/or to not eat other <animals> which are also conscious. The difference between me and them is that despite of being aware of their being alive and the being alive of their preys, they don't have this developed tool to choose between many options and certainly one explanation is that they have a particular nutritional needs to inclined them to eat what in fact we have the choice to not eat. From this, we can say that <animal> are aware of what they are eating but not aware of why they are eating (primary animal instinct).

Contrary to them, we as <human-animals> we are aware of what we are eating and why we are eating. This difference between us and <animals> must direct our choice toward vegetarianism.

Eat whatever is not conscious !
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