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Vegetarianism and high blood sugar.

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I went to the Doctor today and he said that my blood sugar was elevated. I told him that I have switched to a vegetarian diet and he didn't think the lack of meat was the problem but that I may be eating too many carbs though. Any one have any dealings with high blood sugar or any ideas or thoughts that might be of help to me? Thanks.
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Could you give us an example of what you tend to eat?
Toast and peanutbutter for breakfast, sandwhich or veggie soup for lunch, fruit and kashi bar with coffee for a snack and something like pasta, rice and beans or veggie curry or tofu stirfry with veggies and salad for supper. I do eat some sweets, bread and over do somewhat on the carbs. Most carbs are whole grain though.
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I went to the Doctor today and he said that my blood sugar was elevated. ...
How elevated has been your blood sugar?

Did you have any meal before the blood sample has been taken?

Quite a lot of times a blood test might show an elevation but itdoesn't mean that this is a sign for a disease.

Eating complex carbs doesn't change the blood sugar much, whereas sugars, fruits, and juices might.
Hi, I see a couple of potential issues here.

First off, is it possible that you weigh more than you used to? Any extra body fat can make it more difficult for insulin to transport the glucose into your body's cells that it needs to use for energy, resulting in a higher level of glucose floating around in your blood. The body reacts to this situation by working the pancreas harder in order to pump out extra insulin to help with the job of transporting the glucose into the cells. The more weight you put on, the harder the pancreas has to work until it just poops out. My doctor has explained to me that this is how people get Type 2 diabetes.

As far as the kind of food that you are eating right now, I think that it would effect your blood sugar in an unfavorable way because it includes too many of the wrong type of carbs, such as flour based products (bread and pasta), and other highly processed foods such as the kashi bar, and sweets. If the rice you are eating is brown rice, then it would be preferable to any of the other grain-based items that you mentioned because it is a whole unprocessed food. All in all, I really feel that your diet relies much too heavily on starchy convenience foods. The best way to control blood sugar would be to eat a whole foods vegetable based diet, and to maintain your ideal weight.

BTW, how high was your blood sugar?
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I think he said it was 101 and that was with fasting. I am overweight but my weight hasn't changed in a long while. After x-mas
I plan to really cut down on my sugar intake and try to lose some of this weight.
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101 mg/dl is normal, as the normal range is 70-110 for grown-ups (some labs might have slightly different ranges as "normal" ranges are defined by statistical tests). Good plans however!
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