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YAY!! Well i went to the store with my parents and they got me pretty much everything that i wanted ^.^ I got home and drained and pressed my tofu, then i sauteed it in a salt and pepper oil mixture. I put it on a piece of flat bread with miracle whip and drizzled a little soy sauce on it...YUM!! I was so excited that i liked tofu, i was afraid that i wasn't going to. I got some silk, and i LOVE it!! I'm so excited that i like all of my new veggie foods, i also got some dried fruits, veggies, almonds, white rice, soy sauce, pitas,fruits(rasberries,blueberries,blackberries,b ananas,strawberries etc), Special K red berries, very vanilla silk "milk" is awesome! I was worried that i wouldn't like it.

All in all I'm really excited about all of this ^.^ Tomorrow for lunch i'm going to have another tofu pita sandwich tomorrow and veggies and ranch (peanut butter for the celery), and some dried fruit. I'm probably going to drink a propel with it. It sounded like a pretty good lunch to me, how bout you?
I am SO happy for you. It sounds like you're doing strict veggie (since you got silk instead of milk) or at least ovo-vegetarian, and either way I'm totally impressed you're jumping from omni to veggie in one bound. Congratulations!!

I LOVE tupperwear: i like real food, hehe. For some lunches, today I roasted some onions, bell peppers, and eggplant and put them into tupperwears. I considered pouring some lentils ontop but in the end decided against. What makes a nice sort of "complete" tupperwear to me consists of a dish with greens, some beans, sometimes some carbs (wild rice, whole grain couscous, quinoa, potatoes..) and something a little colorful (roasted sweet peppers, tomatoes, roasted carrots). Of course, I eat a I tend to just pack all of these in their own tupperwears.

Oh, sometimes I take a HUGE tupperwear of salad (all the dry stuff) and a smaller one with its dressings and "wet" stuff (sliced tomatoes, pickled artichokes, mandarin slices, dressing..)

Pasta is hugely easy--but like I said I'm not a fan of grains.

As for sammiches--you can make your own veggieburgers or buy them (i recommend ones that don't pretend they're meat: they're healthier.) or use a slice of grilled tofu, or just make a spread sammich--doesnt have to be peanutbutter n jam, you can use hummus, baba ganoush, or other spreads--bean spreads are especially good for us veg*ns as we need them proteins. ^__^

There are tons of veggie blogs out there with recipes, they're super easy reads with lots of tempting photos, so visit a few and start seeing what there is. Tofu-N-Sprouts (who is a poster here!) has a great one, as does Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. They both link hundereds more. Plus there's a recipe section on these forums.

Anyway, again so happy for you: hope everything works out amazingly!

Oh: as for parents. Mine were super against all this too. It helps to (a) Make sure you know a lot about nutrition... Mine seemed to be tamed quite a bit when they noticed that I could list off what was amazing about each veggie I ever put on the table.. which brings me to b and c. (b) Eat well. If they notice you're living off of instant noodles, you're gonna get frowns. (c) Share! If they taste how great and filling your food is they'll calm down: you're NOT starving yourself nor are you sacrificing any enjoyment: you're just doing it without hurting anything! (except a few plants.. but we cant win em all)
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