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<b>Vegetarian Green Chile Stew</b><br><br>
Category: Soups<br><br><br><br>
Suitable for a: vegetarian diet<br><br><br><br><br><br>
3 tablespoons vegetable oil<br><br>
1 large onion, diced<br><br>
2 cloves garlic, minced<br><br>
6 cups vegetable broth<br><br>
1 pound red or white potatoes, diced<br><br>
Kosher salt<br><br>
3 cups roasted, peeled, chopped green chiles<br><br>
3 tablespoons diced red bell pepper<br><br>
1 package frozen Quorn Tenders<br><br>
2 tablespoon chopped cilantro<br><br><br><br>
Optional garnishes:<br><br>
Crumbled tortilla chips<br><br>
Shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese<br><br>
Sour cream<br><br>
Diced avocado<br><br><br><br><br><br>
In a small stockpot or Dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat. Add onions and cook until translucent, 3 to 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook an additional minute.<br><br><br><br>
Add broth, potatoes, and ½ teaspoon kosher salt; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer until potatoes are tender, about 30 minutes.<br><br><br><br>
Add green chiles, red bell pepper, and Quorn Tenders; return to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until Tenders are warmed through, about 15 minutes. Add kosher salt to taste. Remove from heat, stir in cilantro, garnish if desired, and serve.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Additional comments:<br><br>
Serve this up with warm tortillas on the side, or garnish with crumbled tortilla chips, shredded dairy or soy cheese, or diced avocado.

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You da man! Actually, I've got a vegan version I already make and make well... It's just nice to see someone posting about green chile.
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