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I'm a university student (and long-time vegetarian), and for my senior group project we are working on creating sustainable food systems in a new community that has not yet been developed. The class is very cool because we give suggestions to developers that will actually be considered and possibly used in the final plans. We have been talking about topics such as community and roof-top gardens, composting, canning/preserving, farmers markets etc. The site also has space for large scale farming and animals.

Most of my class, including the professor, assumed we will have livestock on the property and that there could be meat production. To me, this is the opposite of sustainability - so I want to bring up the idea of a no (or very limited) meat community. Although it seems a little unrealistic, I think it is doable and have actually heard of a few small communities where it has been successful. I can no longer find information on if you know of any, please let me know!

Basically, I just want opinions and information if you have any, as this is a difficult topic to research since it hasn't really been done. Do you even think no/low meat is feasible? If you were designing a community, how would you create it in terms of food systems? Thanks!

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Hi, this project sounds fascinating. I am no expert, but absolutely a vegetarian community would be so much greener than the others! I hope you do yours veg; it will shock them how much more sustainable (not to mention less smelly) a farm can be without animals.

Have you contacted any organic community farms? They do a lot of education and community outreach, so probably have information prepared that could help. Sweetwater organic farm in tampa, florida is one place I know of (no affiliation except shopping at their farmers' markets

Good luck
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