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I'm not doing well either.

First of all, it brings up the same picture multiple times -- very annoying. Even if you got it right the first time. Second, it says "correct" than adds a number to the number missed!

But most of all, the pictures do not always have enough size and resolution. Though I grow corn more than anything else, the picture of corn plants was so krappy that I had trouble recognizing it.

Just like IQ tests determine how well you do on IQ tests, better than they determine how your intelligence is, this test determines how well you recognize photographs of vegetable, better than it determines how well you recognize vegetables. After all lack of depth, lack of size indicators in many of the pictures -- all conspire to make a picture look different than the actual thing. I only recognized canteloupes because I had taken photos of my canteloupes, and knew how they looked different in the photos, from the real thing.

23 out of 29, then I got sick of peas turning up every third picture.

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I did pretty well, I think. I work in produce at that small store, so I should know what most stuff is, even if I haven't a clue how to cook it. I know the chinese cabbage by the name of nappa.

However, I believe I was right about the collard greens and the kale. They said I was wrong. Like soilman mentioned, a few times the "correct" points were added to the "incorrect" score. Given those corrections, I got 20 out of 23 correct. I do definitely agree with soilman that this is pictures-of-veggies identification, not identification of actual veggies. I ID real veggies every day I work, and I get it right time after time.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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