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Veganism for the meat eater

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I've seen this before. It's a little weird and sometimes he is a jerk, but it's sweet that he wants to do what he can for his girl. Why can't everyone just go vegan?
I've read a little bit from that site just now. I think it's great that he supports her so much.

I haven't come across anything in there that tells me he's a jerk though. But I haven't read it all yet.
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This is from his site:

"A vegan will eat no meat, no cheese, no milk, no eggs no product that is derived from these sources or even a chemical that may be derived from these sources. Nor will they wear the skins of animals or use products that are tested on animals. Sounds extreme doesn't it? In my opinion, yes, it is extreme, but that is not my choice to make. Vegans have decided to live a certain way and we need to respect that. And that is the key, respect. I myself have been dating a wonderful woman named Denise for a long time now.. Denise is damn near everything I could hope for in a woman and she is a vegan. When I decided to date her I had to accept the fact that meal times would not be as simple as they had been when I was dating other women. Denise has made it less hard by respecting my decision to continue to exploit animals for their food and skin. I, in turn, respect her decision to be vegan. This mutual respect and understanding is what makes ours a great relationship."
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hmm... I might be thinking of another site... I should really read it again before making judgment calls like that. What a judgmental a-hole I am lately. hehe.
*Giggles* He's too funny. Personally, I wouldn't want to date somebody who was a total meat-eater, mostly because I love veggies way too much and I don't think we'd have enough in common. I'd love somebody who likes to cook, will USE meat, but doesn't eat it exclusively. Not too much variety. *Shrug*
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