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I am in my final year of a BSc Human Nutrition degree and am also a vegan of 20+ years. My dissertation is the advice being given out by health food stores/shops to vegetarians and vegans on supplements for their particular diets. It is not my intention to investigate their knowledge of the products they are selling but the advice given and if the customer really needs that supp...lement (s). Th...erefore I am establishing a baseline as to what supplements vegetarians and vegans are already taking, how often they take them and why or why they do not take supplements.
My overall aim is to improve the knowledge and service of these shops so that vegetarians and vegans get the right products and are not give supplements if they do not require them. The questionnaire also has details of my institution and contact details for my supervisor if you need to validate this request.
There is also a prize draw of a vegan cookbook (Veganomicon) that will be drawn next year (Febuary)for those that leave their e-mail address at the end of the questionnaire.

Kind regards

Andi Sernicki
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