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Vegan stick margarine without trans fats?

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This is sort of a health-related and environmental issue too, but I decided to put it here.

The margarine I get now is usually one of the "soft" reduced-fat margarines that come in a tub. The tub, of course, is made of plastic. When I'm done with the margarine I clean the tub out and use it for "tupperware", storing food in it, but over the years I've accumulated as many as I could use. My town has recycling program, but they accept some plastics and not others.

I was thinking it might be more environmentally-friendly to use stick margarine which is packaged in wax paper and cardboard packaging, but most of the brands I've seen have partially-hydrogenated oils (in other words, trans fats which could put me at risk for cardiovascular disease), or have some dairy ingredients, or both.

Cooking oil containers have their own environmental problems. As I mentioned above, my area's recycling program accepts plastic, but I've found that either metal or plastic containers of cooking or salad oils are very hard to clean so that they would be recyclable.

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Smart balance has non hydrogenated butter sticks too(vegan), I buy those because I don't have the Earth balance sticks here, just the tub margarine.
Tom, you bring up a really good issue. I too buy Earth Balance margarine. The grocery store only carries the tubs. I'm going to look at the health food store for the sticks.

I have thought of this issue also regarding the vegan cream cheeses and sour creams. I try not to buy those too often because of the containers.

My area recently started curb side recycling. Finally! Now I don't have to save everything and haul it to the recycling center. They accept plastic up to I think #6.
I'm really lucky as we have curbside recycling in my community, and they recycle nearly everything {not glass, but I don't buy much glass, so it's not an issue}.
our curbside recycling recycles everything including glass, plus we have a compost pile and reuse all the old plastic bags and now use cloth reusable shopping bags.

Yay environment.

Too bad the nucoa stick margarines have trans fat :[ Our store doesn't sell anything else X[
Thanks everybody! I'll look around for the brands you mentioned, but probably only the local health food stores will carry them.
I buy Earth Balance buttery sticks, but it is annoying that I have to take a special trip to whole foods market for them. I don't like to buy food there because it is so expensive! I like the sticks not only for the minimal packaging but also for the ease in measuring for baking.
Ditto for Cornflower on the Buttery Sticks.
We also have to take a special trip for them to our local health store, but we get other things there as well so it isn't too difficult.
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