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Hi veggies! We have a new vegan, USDA organic Shea butter line that I hope you guys will check out. 100% Vegan and Organic! Here's some info on our company (

Located in sunny, southern California, the founders of Shea World are involved in the culture of surf, sand, and sun. Constant skin irritation from wetsuits, bacteria, sun exposure and tattoos was a continual issue until we stumbled across Shea butter. We were so impressed with the powerful impact of all-natural Shea butter on our own skin that we wanted to make it readily available to others. We wanted all-natural, vegan, organically grown products to use in protecting our skin and now we are sharing with you.

Shea World suppliers are screened to verify compliance with organic, fair-trade and non-genetically modified sources. Our organic shea butter products are USDA certified organic. We are proud that every ingredient we use is one hundred percent natural. How great is it to be able to identify everything on the label!

Shea World products are expertly formulated with a minimum number of genuine natural ingredients and are completely free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and artificial colors. Please check out our products and we would love your feedback. Please ask for Shea World products in a natural store near you!

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