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I went to the 25th anniversary of the Monsignor of my church. It was at a resort. Oh... it's catered?! By.. the resort? Oh no... They started serving the entrees, filet mignon. ...yum.
So my mom stops a guy and ask them about a vegan plate. Oh course, she doesn't SAY what a vegan really is. It's okay, she doesn't know. He replies, "A raw veggie plate...?" Sure, I say. Why not? I can assure that it's vegan that way. What's brought to me? A beautiful stack of grilled vegetables, satueed asparagus, some potato thing, and some marinated beets. He says, "Sorry, it's not raw..." I don't mind, I mean, I don't really care, He didn't know that. He wasn't out server, but he delivered it himself, how nice!

Yet, I look at my plate.. What is that? A cheese sauce? on the grilled veggies.... Lift up the top layer of eggplant... GOOD! not all are covered. Taste the asparagus...ugh! BUTTER! Potato thingy... It's layered with what looks like cheese. However the beets were tasty!

And they didn't take the bitterness out of the eggplant... yech!

I'm glad they, at least tried to accomodate. I didn't pay for it, so it didn't really matter! But vegan = raw foodist? As much as I love raw veggies, and fruits (and I love them OH so much! I love me some cooked food! hehe.

Just thought I'd share my experience. It's great how some places can at least try to accomodate! They were so nice about it!

Oh, if anyone happens to be involved with Lifeteen, this was for Monsignor Dale Fushek.

Just sharing. Any stories of omnis aiming hard to please? We all know they do care about us!
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