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vegan parmesan cheese?

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i realize that this may be a stretch, but was wondering if anyone had recs for a hard vegan parmesan cheese. thanks.
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Soymage Vegan Parm is excellent.
this is what i do, though it's not exactly like parmesan.

mix equal amounts of nutritional yeast and finely ground blanched almonds. add a dash of salt, and a little bit of onion powder and garlic powder. shake it up really well and store in an airtight container in your fridge pretty much indefinitely. i sprinkle this mixture over pastas, salads, toast that's been spread with earth balance, etc. etc. it's also really good mixed into bread doughs and mashed potatoes and salad dressings. use it just as you would parmesan.
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There is...

It's really good, but i haven't had it in a long time.
is there anything fresh, not in a can? thanks!
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is there anything fresh, not in a can? thanks!
Unfortunatly, no. The Soymage stuff is as close as it gets.
If you *do* go for the can, try to get a hold of Parmazano. I think soymage is yucky, but Parmazano is delicious, and very much like dairy Parmesan. Pangea sells it, but it might be on backstock right now.

I've never seen blocks of vegan parmesan, sorry.
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What Kreeli said is very, very good. Sometimes I add a little bit of miso to the mixture, too.
I have a step by step tutorial on it. If you want you can check it out here - Healthy Vegan Parmesan Cheese (Less Than 5 Minutes)
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