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You are automatically in awkwardville because you want to lose weight. Tot rain for such a beastly event, you want to eat so your energy stores are full, and during your ramp up in training for the event you're also going to want to eat so you can have the energy to get better and faster, and to keep energy stores full as well.

I can't really comment, it gets really confusing with the weight loss. My honest suggestion, keep losing weight, or go all out in training for the marathon. I have no answer of how to do both at once, I'm lazy, sorry.

One of my staples is lentils, though. 1c is roughly 80 carbs and 36 protein, depending on which type of lentil.

And again, about the weight loss. It saddened me to not compete until I met my weight loss goals, BUT I did compete anyways. I got smoked by everyone else in the marathon, but I did it for fun. Once I reached my weight loss goal I started to train more seriously.

You can probably google it, there are a bunch of sites that offer food and workout guides. Usually you'll need a few weeks or a couple of months to get in marathon shape.

Good luck, and let us know if you decide to enter one.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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