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I run 10K six days a week and was 40 years old and when I restarted my run and in need of losing 20 lbs.

If you have significant weight to lose, don't over-think it....just run what is comfortable for you adding small increments at a time and eat without overdoing the carbs. Eat whole foods as much as possible....fruit, veggies. Whole grain carb....but light on those too.

With that extra weight be SURE to have great quality running shoes as you will be putting more impact on your body than you would at an optimal weight. Smaller, faster steps are the way to go.

One thing i learned, after investing in a Garmin running watch that measures heart rate, pace and calculates calories was that I was burning about 2/3 rds the calories that I thought I would be running at my fairly decent pace.

I think one mistake people makes is that they eat too many calories thinking they are burning them like crazy when they are is a myth that can eat whatever you want if you run. Even with my 10K program, surfing, doing step and light cycling, I can still only eat around 1500 calories to maintain my weight at 5'4"

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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