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I work in a restaurant and it's very important to wear non slip shoes. If I don't I'm pretty much guaranteed to fall in the kitchen. My current work shoes are leather and incredibly worn out so I need new ones but obviously I won't purchase the same ones I had before. I've looked for vegan non slip shoes and have found nothing but Crocs (which would never be okay with my manager), I found these on Amazon, they say they are "synthetic" does anyone know what that means? I really just don't want leather shoes at all, but I can't compromise on the non-slip factor.

I also read somewhere skate shoes, like canvas Vans, can pass as non slip. Does anyone work in a restaurant and own a pair of Vans?


Edit: Whoops! just scrolled down on the forum and saw a really similar post on womens nonleather shoes. I'll check out the websites you guys posted on there. Sorry :p
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