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Vegan Lent (I know, I know)

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Hello all!

I have been vegetarian for the past 9 years (almost half my life) so have no issues concerning the consumption of meat. However, as a child I had an egg and dairy allergy and for about a year lived as a de facto vegan without even knowing it. When I finally was able to eat cheese I fell so in love with it that I have become more than a little attached to it.

For the past year I have been trialling living vegan in different countries (specifically UK, Germany and Spain). Last year I did it for lent and found it really rewarding and cleansing. However, I was very glad to return to cheese. I tried again in the summer and managed 2 months give or take a few days. I have generally found short-term veganism very beneficial and am doing it for lent again this year.

I would like to eventually transition to full vegan but my main problems really are eating out and replacement cheese (I have never drunk animal milk due to the previous allergies so other dairy products are not an issue). If anyone has any tips for well-flavoured brands of vegan cheese available in the uk and for how to cope with eating out with friends where there is not even a salad option, please let me know!

veggie love,
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Hello! Have you tried cheezly cheese varieties? You get them from holland and Barrett. Also if you like soft cream cheese Tesco do really nice vegan version. I'm not sure what you mean eating out where there's not even a salad option...where's that? I eat out sometimes and manage to find vegan stuff even at Wimpys. You can eat vegan in Nandos, Pret A Manger, local caff, Indian, probably even Chinese. If there's no obvious vegan option on the menu I order vegetarian and as for no cheese. Sometimes to make sure I ask if it contains any dairy or egg.
Have a look at this

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That was actually very helpful, thank you!

I've tried the other one but not cheezly. I'll give it a whirl :)
I get the Sheese cream cheese from there as well which is actually very nice.
Cool, I'm glad I could be of help :)
Sheese is good, as for hard cheese I've learnt to live without it and feel much better for it as it's responsible for aggravating and prolonging ENT and respiratory problems especially during winter months. I've tried cheezly white cheddar style and while it was more palatable than tesco s own soya cheese, it's still not my favourite thing to eat on it's own, however is very nice when cooked with, eg. Cheese sauce or as a pie stuffing ingredient
There is life after giving up cheese, trust me :D

Good luck!
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