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The first-ever vegan investment crowdfunding platform has launched - VeganLaunch! I'm super excited for this!

What it means is that everyone who sees that the future is green can participate in driving vegan businesses’ success, saving animals, the planet and our own health. In the past, only the wealthiest investors could help launch and benefit from the growth of vegan companies. Now, vegan and non-vegan investors at all wealth levels can have a big influence on the things that matter most to all of us–animal rights, human health, vibrant ecosystems, and shifting the economy from being animal-based to plant-based.

This is a unique opportunity to merge vegan ethics with entrepreneurial leadership.

A brand I love: AVEGAN Beauty/Ecco Bella, vegan beauty sister companies, have launched on that platform as the the first vegan, woman-led business to raise capital on the world’s first vegan equity crowdfunding platform. They are on the cutting edge of making early stage investing more inclusive. Very exciting!

Check this awesome platform out along with AVEGAN Beauty/Ecco Bella and let's invest in a greener future!
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