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Vegan Halloween

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Its my first vegan Halloween this year and I'm starting to see all the candy displays in the supermarkets.

It got me thinking- what do you all give out to the kids for Halloween treats? Is there vegan candy out there that kids can recognize and like?
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This is a decent guide to some well known vegan candy:
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This is a decent guide to some well known vegan candy:
Yum Yum Yum.

I feel like a BAD dental hygienist just considering giving away most of those chewy candies! ha ha
You can make some treats at home that they'll like - and they're vegan!

Check out this website:
Where we live, we don't usually get many (if any) trick or treaters, so I usually bake up cookies or cupcakes to give to our neighbors and the kids we know. I also tend to look for small toys such as fake bugs or toy bats. I remember a few houses giving out little prizes like these when I was a kid and I always thought it was so cool.
I hand out little bags of nuts and carrots, sometimes trail mix.
I'd hand out home-made goods, but a lot of parents around here wouldn't let their kid eat a home-made cupcake or candy that a stranger gave them. And probably rightly so, tbh.

So I'll be handing out Jelly Tots. I dunno if you have those in the US, though.
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