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We created a new project destined to help vegans choose best food. Its main goal is to help you choose foods with a certain nutrient you need. For example if you need Calcium, you go to our project:

And sort all products by Calcium, so you'll have at the top the products with most quantity of Calcium per 100 gr. In preferences you can choose to show quantities in % of RDA, so you'll know how many grams of certain product you need to fulfill your RDA.

If you're interested in raw products, then you can add "raw" or better ", raw" to search box and only results for raw products will be shown.

We've filtered all the data from USDA database, we tried to eliminate all non vegan products, if you find any non vegan products - please write me so we'll remove them.

This project is still in beta testing stage; if you find any bugs or errors please write me.

Also I would like to hear your opinions of this project and how you would like me to improve it. Thank you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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