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Vegan fingernails

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I notice that since becoming veg(around the time, at least) my fingernails have been in really poor shape. It's hard to explain exactly what happens. They break off into layers which come off(think sheets coming off a bed) in pieces and leave no strength in the nails. It's especially in the pointer and middle fingernails. I only paint my nails once a week, which I'd been doing for at least a year before going veg without problems. I get about 10% of my calories from protein, which I thought was enough. I also get enough fat, at least 15% of my calories, and take multivitamins. I can't see what I'm doing wrong and would really appreciate some help, because the problem just seems to be getting worse. Thanks.. I don't know what else to do but post here.
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I used to paint my nails every week when I was a hair dresser back like almost 20 years ago (eek! I am old!).

Anyhow, my nails were always thin and in bad shape. So, I would paint them and add false nails, paint on that stuff that is supposed to make your nails thick and strong. One day, I stopped and they started growing thick and like weeds. (it took a several months for them to recover).

Nail polish and the removers contain tons of bad stuff that will dry out your nails and make them week and thin and break off. Don't be fooled by those 'nail strenghteners' either.

If you want to keep painting your nails, try to find stuff without the chemicals in it (acetone is horrible!). I believe vegan essentials sells removers and polishes. But IMHO, to stop painting your nails will be the best thing you can do for them.

One thing too is that before I went vegan is I used to have those white 'calcium' stains on my nails. They are gone now.
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