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LOL I have never used a forum on anything ever xD
Anyway Im 13 and vegan :D Check out my vid? :) Veganism & Environmentalists :
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I can't see the video just now, but this is something overlooked a lot of people.
Well made video, the facts are all undeniable.. did you research the statistics yourself?

And yes, environmentalists should be vegan & vice versa too - vegans do so much by being vegan but if they want to do even greater stuff they should also become environmentalists. Water conservation, tree planting, decreasing smoke emission, every little bit adds to the preservation of the environment thus sustaining animal lives and human lives in a healthier, happier way. I've taken part in a tree-planting drive once, planted 2 of an all combined 1000+, they said that over 60% should survive to grow into healthy adult trees. More trees to purify the air and give shade to countless animals and also a home for the birds. Win-win.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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