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I haven't been on these boards for quite a while. I'm not currently vegan, though I tried to go vegan many times in the past and never managed to be able to completely give up dairy :(.

I've been thinking about trying to go vegan again, mainly because I've been having a lot of issues in the past year with severe menstrual migraines. I only get migraines once a month at the tail end of my period but they are very severe. Even though menstrual migraines came as well when I was vegan, I don't remember them being that severe so I'm thinking that the dairy and eggs I'm eating might be making them worse. So I'm willing to try going vegan again to see if it helps with the intensity and duration of the migraines.

I'm also hope as an added bonus, going vegan will also help me reduce my cholesterol, which I found out a few weeks ago is borderline high (LDL and total cholesterol - HDL and triglycerides are actually very good).

Does anyone have issues specifically with menstrual migraines and did going vegan help you?

I'm a bit nervous about it, as I mentioned I didn't succeed in going vegan in the past. This time, though I'd be going with a whole different attitude, as I discovered intuitive eating a few years ago and it's really been helping me with my binge eating. So I'd be eating vegan foods, not restricting anything, sticking with mostly good stuff but not going into a hissy fit if I have potato chips or Oreos occasionally.

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