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g'day everyone.

i'm fairly new to veganism and was wondering if

anyone could tell me of a brand of custard

powder that is vegan (and available in australia).

i know to steer clear of ones with milk stuff in

them, but some of the brands i've seen have

"flavour" listed in the ingredients.

i'm beginning to learn that "flavour" can mean

many different things (including animal-derived


i'm feeling a bit disillusioned about all of it at

this point (veganism). not because i don't think

it's important to be true to what i believe (animal

cruelty is wrong, etc, etc), but it seems so hard

to get a definite answer about whether some

things are vegan or not; food company people

not knowing, or giving me the run-around;

conflicting information on the internet ...

i'm trying to check ingredients and check with

companies, but ... auuuuggggrrrhhhhh!!!!!

... okay, i just want sympathy now!

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