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One of my favorite on-the-go snacks are crackers or some Wasa bread with peanut butter. It fills me up and has lots of protein.. but.. it has about 10498230498234098 grams of fat and like 203498320948 calories. Anyone know of any good tasty spreads that are better than good ole pb??

Hummus is good I know but anything other than that?? anyone ever tried apple butter? is it better in calories/fat than pb??
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things to spread:

-tofutti better than cream cheese

-bean dip/spreads - not just made from chickpeas, try using:

-white beans and herbs and lemon juice to make a kind of vegan garlic mayo,

-kidney beans, tomato puree, roasted peppers and mexican spices to make a spicy spread

- using ground nuts/seeds of your choice if you have a good blender

-some cheesey thing- i 'spect you could find a reciepe using nutritional yeast

-something based on lentils (find a recipe, lol)

erm.. ok.... i'm bored of thinking of spreadable things:

a whole bunch of recipes for spreads:

a whole bunch of recipes for pates (swanky spreads):

i bet there are some spread recipes in the 'recipes' section of this site too.

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We like this one:

Blend in a food processor:

1/2 lb Firm tofu; patted dry

1 Tbsp. Tamari (soy) sauce

2/3 c Natural style peanut butter

1 Tbsp. Lemon juice

1/2 tsp. Minced fresh ginger

1 Garlic clove; minced

2 Tbsp. Water

(OK, it has peanut-butter too... probably not much difference calorically)

Or go with Tofu "egg" salad (my favorite)

½ lb Tofu

¼ ts Turmeric

¼ ts Celery Salt

¼ ts "India Black Salt" (you find it in Indian markets - makes it taste very genuinely "eggy" - just leave it out if you don't have any)

1 Celery stalk

1 sm Onion or 3 green onions

3 Tb. Vegan mayonnaise

1 tb Parsley, chopped

1 ts Nutritional yeast

½ ts Mustard powder

Salt, as required

Mash tofu. Finely chop the onion & celery (use a food processor if you have one handy). Combine all ingredients & chill well. Yum.

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Originally Posted by Tofu-N-Sprouts View Post

Sounds good - but may I ask... why did you parboil the tofu? Did it alter the taste/texture?

Just curious.
I usually buy packaged tofu. If you immerse in in hot water for 3 minutes or so (turn the heat off after you drop it) it freshens up the flavor. It comes out with a surface that's a little firmer (almost a soft rind) and is a little mushier on the inside. I do it sometimes if I'm marinating it or mashing it. If you're marinating, cut the stuff before boiling it, otherwise it breaks up too easily while cutting.

I think it purees better, and whips up a little more than raw tofu, when making spreads ,etc.

I'm almost certain there's a discussion of it in the early parts of "The Book of Tofu."

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I LOVE apple butter, or even pumpkin butter! I think these two would be better smeared on some sprouted grain bread though, I suppose you could do the cracker thing, but to me, toast would be the way to go.

What about fried apples (no, you don't actually "fry" them, it's just a term that's used in Southern cooking)? Those are kinda along the same lines as apple butter, but a bit more chunky.

I have a few no sugar recipes for apple butter if you would like? I have *not* tried them myself yet, but I'd be happy to pass on the recipes?

But I also love the natural p.butter with just a drizzle of maple syrup, probably not a good thing if your looking at your calorie intake, but man is it ever good!!!

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