Do you wanna build a vegan cocktail? Come on - let's go gulp one down! Yeah, we know, that was bad. It's also why we didn't get hired to write songs for that movie we're sure you've all heard a similar song from. In all seriousness though, there are a plethora of vegan cocktails out there for those of us who've decided to adhere to a diet without animal products. That's right if someone reading this wasn't aware, it's entirely possible to have your boozy concoctions without any animal products whatsoever.

Did we mention mocktails, by the way? Oh yeah, we're doing mocktails too. All the teetotalers in the world rejoice! We've got recipes for pseudo cocktails that won't wring all the water out of your body when you eventually hit the restroom after a long night of partying. Or a day lounging by the fireplace, whatever it is you wanna do with your drink. Case in point, it's going to be vegan and you've got plenty of options. Now that we've got your attention; behold, our delish list of vegan drinks!

3 Vegan Cocktails You Need to Try

We're going to start this list off with the vegan booze because, well, why not? The first animal-free drink we're going to start the list off with is:

Vegan White Russian

Considering that White Russians contain milk, you may be thinking that you can't kick back one of these, but you'd be wrong. The milk can be swapped out for coconut milk, coconut creamer or soymilk - whichever one you'd prefer; and mix it up with some Kahlua to crank out the White Russian's vegan twin.

Mulled Wine

Considering that many wineries use what are called fining agents such as gelatin and albumin, many of you have probably already figured that wine is a no-go. While this typically would be the case (although vegetarians get a pass on these ingredients) there is a workaround that consists of simply shopping around for wines that actively market themselves as vegan.

Once you've got your vegan wine, you can heat two quarts of it via your stove and mix in some cut up apples, oranges, and pears. From there, add spices like anise or clove and stir over low heat for about 30 minutes.

Lemon Drop

If you want a tried and true "veganized" classic, then try making yourself and a few friends one of these. To make it, you need to shake together 1.5 ounces of vodka, one-half ounce of Triple Sec and .75 ounces of lemon juice. The juice doesn't have to be freshly squeezed, but it'll turn out better if it is. Afterward, add just a teaspoon of simple syrup and then shake with ice, strain and serve it in a martini glass and top it off with a lemon peel.

3 Mocktails To Satisfy the Non-Drinking Vegan

If you don't particularly want to get buzzed, just don't drink at all or want a fun drink for the kids to enjoy, then this is the list for you! These three vegan mocktails have all the class of a vegan cocktail but without the alcohol content and our list includes:

Virgin Banana Daiquiri

On top of being incredibly delicious, this drink is also easy to make. All you need is:
  • Two medium-sized ripened bananas cut into chunks
  • ½ cup of cold water
  • 1 tsp of rum extract
  • 2 tsp of lime juice
  • 6 large ice cubes
Once you've gotten all of your ingredients together, you can dump it all into a blender and blend until it's all frosty and smooth. Get yourself some glasses - this should be enough for two servings - and serve with either a slice of lime or (vegan) whipping cream if you're feeling it.

Blueberry Virgin Mojito

Your average mojito is made of white rum, lemon juice sugar, and mint leaves. If you want to make it into a virgin mojito then substitute the rum for sparkling soda, of course, this is blueberry virgin mojito so all you've got to do is add in some blueberries, lime and mint leaves and you've got a nice, non-alcoholic variation to knock back.

Non-Alcoholic Ginger Mimosa

Our final recipe is going to be a non-alcoholic, vegan twist on a mimosa in case you missed it in the title. Usually, a mimosa is a combination of champagne and orange, but if you aren't wanting any alcohol and are looking to spice things up a bit, then use ginger ale instead.

For this, you'll want to fill a pitcher with orange juice and maple syrup. Once that's been stirred well, add in some ice cubes. After the ice cubes have been stirred into your concoction, pour in your ginger ale and, again, mix well. To serve it, place a few orange and ginger slices into and around the glass.

With these options, we hope we've satisfied your desire for a vegan cocktail (or mocktail) during the holiday season. If there's a recipe that's not on the list, then, by all means, share it in the comments section! We're always happy to learn from you just as much as we hope you learn from us.