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Traditional English way of using leftover veggies, often cooked potato and cabbage from roast dinner - but in my case I still had nearly half a head of raw cabbage and plenty of fresh dill lying around from my holiday borscht, so I whipped this together. Feel free to make minor changes to fit your circumstances.

You will need:

1/2 head medium cabbage or 1/3 large cabbage
3-4 carrots
Mashed potatoes (either homemade, or quickly from boxed potato flakes with soy milk and vegan butter)
1 small to medium onion or 1/2 large onion
Fresh dill or parsley
Oil or vegan butter
Salt and pepper


Left over or freshly cooked peas OR Brussels sprouts
2 tsp of stevia or raw sugar
Vegan sour cream
Unsweetened apple sauce
Vegan brown or mushroom gravy

If starting from left over raw veggies, boil cabbage and sliced carrots til just tender. Boil with stevia or raw sugar if desired.

Meanwhile, mix left over or instant mashed potatoes with dill or parsley.

When cabbage and carrots are tender, drain water and saute in pan with onion and oil or vegan butter until onion is soft and translucent. Season with salt and pepper. Add a touch of paprika if desired.

Remove from heat. In a mixing bowl, gently fold in sautéed vegetables to mashed potatoes. If using peas or Brussels sprouts, feel free to skip the carrots, but cabbage and potatoes are fundamental.

Form mixture into patties. Pan fry til golden brown. Set on paper towel to absorb excess oil while cooling.

Can be served with sour cream or apple sauce like latkes, or for a more authentic savory comfort food, serve with brown or mushroom gravy instead.

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Just as a general tip, the unsweetened applesauce provides a perfect contrast to this fried food of bitter vegetables, and that's my top recommendation...however if for some reason you skip the cabbage or Brussels sprouts and only use the potatoes, peas and onion, then sour cream might be better for you, especially if you're really craving fatty foods. The brown gravy is a more traditional British topping and will likely complement any combination of vegetables, depending on your personal taste or mood, of course.
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