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Vegan Black Bean Burger Recipes in the house???

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Hey all!:)

I want to make some vegan black bean burgers for dinner tonight and I wanted to see if there are some recipes you all follow, love and wouldn't mind sharing. I don't have a ton of ingredients. :/

Also, I was thinking about using tofu as an egg replacement, thoughts??
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You don't need to think about replacing egg at all, and beans are largely interchangable.

I don't follow recipes, but I make bean burgers all the time and got used to how and what makes them form a patty and cook well.
I like using a grain for texture- brown rice, bulger, quinoa
Oats (either quick or rolled) add both texture and help bind.
I go heavy on seasoning and often use minced onions, garlic, peppers

1 1/2 cups cooked beans (one 15 oz can worth, rinsed) mashed
1 cup cooked rice
about 1 cup oats
Minced onion and pepper
taco seasoning or blend of Mexican spices like cumin and red pepper or sriracha

I find making the mixture in advance and letting it sit covered in the fridge helps it bind.
I usually bake in the oven at 375 F for about 40 min turning halfway. Or on the stove with a lightly greased skillet

I have used tofu in burgers. This is a my favorite lentil loaf recipe using tofu:
You could use lightly mashed beans instead of the lentils, but lentils do add a good texture and flavor. Sometimes I forget about them! I eat a lot of beans
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These are good, I've made them. :)

Black beans are one of my favorites. And certain things go great with black beans, like sweet potatoes or bananas, and a squirt of lime before serving.
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