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vegan birthday cake help

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Im making a 3 layered vegan cake for my brother next week. Need ideas and recipes for the cake mix and was also thinking of doing 3 different flavoured layers possibly one being something with alcohol. Still have not found a recipe that works well and is vegan. Any tips for good buttercream will also be good! Thanks
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Any of Chloe Coscarellis recipes!--but---I've literally cut the oil in half for every cake of hers I've made! No other subs. If anyone has had a different experience with her recipes I'd like to know, but the first recipe I made was way too oily, and have compared with other vegan recipes and found from 1/3 to 1/2 the oil.

She doesn't have on with this, but I'd love to try a cake with this vegan Baileys irish creme- or frosting_

I've done this red velvet recipe ( many times and always a hit with the crowd. I omit the chocolate extract because can't find it and just increase the vanilla to 2.5 tsp and almond extract to 1/2 tsp. The cake always turns out moist and fluffy. It's so good that my friend who has a cupcake café asked me for the recipe because she didn't have a vegan red velvet recipe for her shop. First time she used it was for a cake so she doubled the recipe and it turned out still real moist, fluffy and yummy. I haven't tried yet but you should be able to replace the food coloring using beetroot, plenty of recipe for it online.

You could also squeeze in a ganache by using 2 parts chocolate to 1 part coconut cream. Really good too! The coconut taste and smell gets lost in the chocolate (which is good for me because not too fond of it).

Let us know what you ended up making :)
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