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Vegan Banana Waffles

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Vegan Banana Waffles

Category: Breakfast

This recipe is suitable for a: vegetarian/vegan diet

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Serves: 5



1 banana

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1 3/4 cup (14 oz) almond/rice/soy milk (I use almond)

2 cups whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar

4 teaspoons baking powder



Measure out the wet ingredients and pour into a large bowl. Add the dry ingredients. Mix well. Mash up the banana, (I put it in my blender) and add it to the mixture.

This recipe makes about 5 waffles with my waffle iron, (I use a little over 1/2 cup of batter for each waffle) but the yield will depend on how your iron is shaped. Cook each waffle until steam is no longer coming out the sides of the iron. (takes about 5 minutes).

Additional comments:


I usually make a double batch of these at a time and freeze most of them. They're great reheated in the toaster. I got this recipe from an old Betty Crocker cookbook, but I obviously tweaked it to make it vegan.

If you care about the nutritional content:

Calories: 1186

Total Fat 12.9 g

Saturated Fat 1.9 g

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 813 mg

Total Carbohydrate 249 g

Dietary Fiber 32 g

Sugars 59.5 g

Protein 35.8 g

(This is for the WHOLE batch, so divide these numbers by the yield)

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I think the banana acts as a leavening (like egg), I'm not sure if it would come out perfect, but they might be good
Let us know how they come out.
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