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Hi all my son is 7 and a half months and has recently started moving on from pureed fruit, veggies and cereal. Anyone have any ideas for some good vegan homemade purees? So far we've tried tofu/peas/sweet potato, lentils/peas/pasta. Other than that I've been doing mostly 2/3 veggies mashed together. Can I introduce things like beans yet? i know they're digestive tracts aren't very good at this age but he did ok with lentils (and loved them).<br><br>
Apart from bottles his food today was -<br><br>
Breakfast - Multigrain Porridge made with soy formula<br>
Lunch - Avocado and pea mash<br>
Dinner - sweet potato and lentil mash<br><br>
He has mini rice cakes (no added salt etc) for snacks as I'm a bit timid about boiled carrot sticks just yet <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/blush.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":eek:"><br><br>
What else should I be introducing do you think?

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those sound like great combinations!<br>
You can try all sorts of things, just give each new item a week to see if he has any reaction to it.<br><br>
Some baby foods my daughter loved:<br>
butternut squash and apple puree<br>
carrot and tomato puree<br>
black bean and rice puree<br>
pear puree<br>
mango puree<br>
frozen berry and soymilk puree<br>
mashed potatoes with soy or coconut milk<br>
steamed broccoli and spinach puree- I added veggie broth in the blender<br>
edemame and spinach<br><br>
she also loved having sips of my green smoothies with ginger- so I froze a bunch in ice cube trays and saved them for her.
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