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Hey everyone

I am super in to health and recently went to a music festival here in the UK
I filmed a video of the whole weekend where I ate nothing but fresh fruit with some veg thrown in there. If you're in to health, fitness, veganism and fruitarianism then please check out my channel!
My name on YouTube is 'Dave Richardson' if you'd like to check out my video's on all these subjects and also check out the video in regards to being vegan at a music festival.

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Hi Dave,

You sound like a great guy, but I urge you to improve your nutrition education before seeking to educate others.

In one of your videos, you claim that bananas and mangoes are good sources of iron. That's not true, and you are endangering new vegans by making such a claim. One banana only contains 1% RDI of iron: . One mango only contains 2% RDI of iron: I know that fruitarians may consume 20 or more such fruits per day, but it's still risky to tell new vegans that these fruits are good iron sources.

In the same video, you also claim that spinach is a good source of calcium. This is not true, either; one cup of raw spinach only contains 3% RDI of calcium: There ARE certain dark green leafy vegetables that are moderate-to-good sources of calcium - these include kale, collard greens, turnip greens, and bok choy: Spinach, no.

I fear I'm being a bit hard on you. Believe me, I know that your motives are pure. Nevertheless, I've seen too many young vegans receiving inaccurate advice from YouTube, and ending up in nutritional trouble as a result. First educate yourself, then educate others.
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