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Vegan 21st Birthday

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I'm vegan and my 21st birthday is coming up. I don't drink that much, but recently I've been more interested in alcohol and I do have a pretty good taste for it. Does anyone have any ideas for a small celebration? I have my own apartment near my school so I thought I might have a couple friends over. I've never been to a bar and I'm not sure about how to order vegan there and I don't want to have to whip out Barnivore while there, so... I'm also a very shy and introverted person. Should I just buy some vegan booze and invite some friends over? Should I get vodka? Or something like beer or wine? Maybe play Ring of Fire or something? I really don't know anything about throwing a "party." I don't have a TV or speakers or anything either. Again, I'm not a partier and am not that sociable but I would like to have a small, private get-together with a couple friends and some alcohol while keeping it all vegan. Any ideas? 0:)
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Happy almost birthday! :D

You sound a lot like me, I'm not much for big elaborate parties either and usually like to keep things simple and quiet with a few friends in a casual setting. I think just inviting some friends over to hang out and drink a little and play games is always a good idea, I've had many great nights that way.

For vegan-friendly alcohol you can't go wrong with hard liquor with some kind of mixer like juice or soda. White rum goes very well with fruit juice and is one of my favourites. Or you could just get some kind of vegan beer or wine, it's up to you! Whatever kind of drink you prefer.

It's always a good idea to have some snacks too. Do you enjoy cooking and baking or do you prefer to keep things simple? I've had fun in the past doing elaborate things like baking vegan cupcakes and making pizza or pasta for everyone and all kinds of dips with veggies and pita bread etc but if you're not into that just pick up some vegan chips and put them in a bowl and you're good to go. :p

Generally as long as you have some good people together with food and drinks fun conversations and activities kind of spring up on their own but it can be nice to have something planned too. You could play card games, board games, video games etc. If there's a common interest you and your friends all share that could give you some ideas for entertainment.
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