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Lighthouse Landing Camp is a not-for-profit summer camp supporting families with children who have Autism. In the middle of the summer we take a break from the Autism camps to have a Veg Out week. Join us for our 2016 Veg Out week. Stay in a lakeside cabin and join in a nightly vegan potluck. Visit our website for more information.

This year we are happy to announce that YouTube educator Mic The Vegan will be joining us for our 2017 Veg Out week. Mike uses up-to-date scientific data and sound reasoning to explore issues of health, environment and animal rights by addressing the most common questions and concerns regarding plant based diets. Why not pick his brain over a fabulous meal?

What is the cost?
This depends on whether you are camping or renting a cabin (cabin rates also vary). Please contact us and we will respond right away.

What if I'm not so great in the kitchen?
Don't worry! We all sign up for different parts of the meal. Maybe you are in charge of a fruit salad every night! This is the best place to learn how to prepare healthy plant based meals.

I am coming by myself and cannot afford a cabin. Are there other options?
Yes, you could try camping in a tent or stay in our bunk cabin which is like dorm-style shared accommodations. Please do not let cost be a deterrent. Contact us if you need a bit of a break.

How do I know what to make for the potlucks?
By July 1st we will compile our final Veg Out potluck list and ask people to sign up. Maybe you have a specialty dish that you would like to share. Maybe you are a baker and want to sign up for all the desserts! We have a large shared kitchen with 2 stoves, 2 refrigerators and plenty of space to prepare meals together.

Other than the dinner potlucks, what else can we do?
Veg Out has two meanings - plant based meals and relaxation. We will lead daily yoga every morning, go on an area tour, and take a sunset kayak down a nearby river in search of some beavers hard at work. You can sign out the canoes, kayaks and pedal boats, have a game of beach volleyball, or just lay in the lakeside hammock and finally finish reading Dr. Greger's How Not to Die.
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