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veg newbie looking for veg*n pals/discussion

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Hi, my name is meg. I recently became vegan but I don't know anyone who is vegan or even vegetarian. I know a lot of people from cooking in restaurants and from culinary school that would judge me and make fun of me for my decision.. I'm here to make friends and discuss veg*nism or just any chit chat.

Feel free to introduce yourself or start a discussion. I want to ask, how did some of you guys deal with other people judging you when you first became veg*n? Do people still give you s#it about it after x amount of time?
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I live in rural Iowa, and I dont know any veg*ns IRL, however, when I see soymilk at the local (teeny) grocery store, when I overhear 80 year old Phyllis talking about her doctor recommending a "plant based diet" now, and see veg*n options at the local diners/restaurants, I know I am not alone.

This year the state queen in my weight loss/weight maintenance support group (Im a maintainer) lost her weight on a lowfat vegan plan. Over 100lbs!

I am a quiet person, so I dont think I will ever be an IN YOUR FACE ACTIVIST, but in my own quiet way, I am helping.

My friends and family have all started eating veggie/vegan dishes, and my father in law and I do a weekly vegan soup exchange! (which is not as weird as it sounds, I swear!)

People see me being healthy and slim, and happy, and I think they want a little of that for themselves.
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