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veg newbie looking for veg*n pals/discussion

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Hi, my name is meg. I recently became vegan but I don't know anyone who is vegan or even vegetarian. I know a lot of people from cooking in restaurants and from culinary school that would judge me and make fun of me for my decision.. I'm here to make friends and discuss veg*nism or just any chit chat.

Feel free to introduce yourself or start a discussion. I want to ask, how did some of you guys deal with other people judging you when you first became veg*n? Do people still give you s#it about it after x amount of time?
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Well HI!!! Let me congratulate you on become vegan. That's such a wonderful thing to do! :)

I am vegetarian, becoming vegan. I am in transition. I find it more manageable to transition over a period of a few months than to do it over night. I will make a year as of June 1st that I am vegetarian and I couldn't be happier.

As for the judgment and hatred from others well... I haven't really had any. Maybe that's because I have a small circle of people in my life but no one has given me a hard time. However I think the reason for that is my personality. Whenever there is an argument or friendly debate I stick to my guns and often call people out with no shame. I don't have much of a filter when talking to friends and family... So I assume no one has challenged my view points on animals because they know I won't budge and they will end up with hurt feelings. I know it's rude of me sometimes but that's how it is in my family and it's the norm lol.

The only person who has truly questioned me in depth is my husband. He is afraid to push my buttons. But he respects my choices, though he doesn't fully understand. I am trying to convince him to become vegetarian. He is starting to see how animals are treated and is connecting the dots but has yet to have that AHA moment. I told him he should watch earthlings so we will see how that goes...

Hope your journey is a great one and that I, and others, may become your new vegan and vegetarian friends. All the best to you!
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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