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For Canadians Thanksgiving will probably be over by the time you read this, but for the late celebrations, USA Veg*ns, or anyone who wants a good autumn meal idea, I have found a great one.

I was rooting around for a good recipe for Thanksgiving and I happened upon the idea of stuffed baked pumpkin. I searched through a bunch of recipes to find the one that suited my tastes, and this is the one I went with. Although I did steal ingredient ideas from some other recipes if it sounded good (carrots, kidney beans, and mushrooms in this case.) I opted for vegetable oil instead of butter, which made the whole thing vegan.

My (entirely omni, ~20 people) family thought it was a really neat idea. I got lots of compliments for it, and everybody seemed to really like it.

I did mess it up a little, the stuffing was rather wet (some people thought it was a stew in a pumpkin, not a bad idea but not what I was going for.) But it was my first time trying it, so that happens. And the pumpkin I got was really a bit too large, we had to chop off part of the stem for it to fit in the oven. Next time I'm going to get two smaller pumpkins instead.

I loved it overall, so I thought I would post it here in case anyone else was looking for ideas. Now I'm getting ready to roast the seeds I got out of the pumpkin!
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