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I've been playing with Google+ over the past couple of months, and it seems like a great place to hang out. Even though the network is still, perhaps, in its infancy, there is a surprising proliferation of pages related to veganism. I thought I would collect as many as possible and share them here, so that anyone who is using or thinking about using G+ can get a jump start on finding good pages to support.

I'm sure this is not an exhaustive list ... there are probably some that I missed, and more pages are being created all the time ... so if you know of others, please mention them in your replies! There are also lots of pages related to environmentalism/green living, which I didn't even try to collect due to time constraints; that might be a neat project if anyone else feels like doing it. To find one of these pages on G+, just type its name into the search bar.

Vegan or Vegetarian pages:

+Vegans and Vegetarians
+The Vegan Zombie
+Down to Earth Hawaii
+Veggie Buntch
+Vegan Lifestyle
+Gluten Free and Vegetarian
+meat is murder
+Planeta Vegano

Animal Advocacy pages:

+The Humane Society of the United States
+Friends of Animals
+Born Free Foundation
+Born Free USA
+not one sparrow
+Wolf Pack Plus
+The Wolf Army
+Buffalo Field Campaign
+PACMA - Partido Animalista
+Pages for Nature (this page functions as a big list of other pages related to conservation, nature photography, etc.)
Also, search "Sea Shepherd" and you will find four different pages ... I don't know which is the official one, if any of them!
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