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So, now that I've gone vegetarian on the culinary end, I'm wondering about my art supplies as well.

I mainly use latex house paint, varnish gloss, glitter, glass tile, gold leafing, and tea (for staining).

All of my brushes are made from synthetics, so I'm not too worried, there. I know varnish, latex & gold leaf aren't the greatest things to use in terms of the environment, but are otherwise cruelty-free as far as I know.

I stopped using black oil paint, because the pigment is made from charred animal bones (seriously!).

and unfortunately, a few of my more tactile paintings include feathers & silk strips (sorry!!!). I feel bad about it, but it was way before my veg days.

anyway, does anyone have any information about the cuelty-factor and art supplies? Am I WAY off on my assumptions about the aforementioned mediums?

Any well known substitutes for the less-friendly supplies?

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