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Well, I made something tonight that was vegetarian ... not vegan. However, I know I could convert it entirely.

I converted an *old* recipe. There's an old hotel around here called The Brown Hotel (it's like 100 years old or something like that). They had a chef that years ago created this dish called a "hot brown." I used to make it every year with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving, but since we became vegan in 2000, I didn't even try, as it was full of turkey and cheese - - but I'm a slacker and since I'm the only one in the house that was ever really vegan, I got lazy. So anyway ... here's the "map."

Essentially what you do is make toast and lay it in a single layer in the bottom of a casserole dish. Then you lay your "turkey" substitute over the toast (I used sliced Quorn roast). You can add a layer of broccoli over the "turkey" if you so choose. Then you make a simple white gravy and add sharp shredded cheddar cheese to the gravy, turning it into a cheese sauce. I added some onion powder and a smidge of garlic powder. I'm pretty sure I could make a vegan knock-off of this with little effort and if I can perfect it, I will post exactly how. Anyway, you pour this "cheese" sauce over the broccoli, "turkey," and toast. You sprinkle more shredded cheese on top and then lay thinly sliced tomatoes here and there over the top and finally slices of "bacon" over that (I used morning star's breakfast slices). You pop it in a hot oven (I had mine at 425°F) until the sauce starts to brown and bubbles and the "bacon" is done.

Amazingly, Allyson thought it rocked. Allyson is the female version of Life Cereal's Mikey ... she hates EVERYthing. Emily also decided it was darned good. Travis, who has been a "picker" since we met had two large helpings.

So! If I ever succeed at my café/restaurant venture - - this will probably be added to the menu because it actually is quite elegant looking and tasting. I think even adding some dry white wine to the sauce would be good, also. I'm pretty certain, though, that I could make the sauce with homemade soy milk, nutritional yeast, ume plum vinegar and earth balance - - and tofurkey could be substituted for the Quorn roast ... and bac'uns substituted for the slices.
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