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Veg Food In Vegas (as of May 2013)

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Here is the official Vegas Veg food listing on our website:

I've copied and pasted it here as well for your reference.

Vegan Options Are Virtually Everywhere
Always ASK! Many restaurants all over town offer one or two vegan meals. Just ask your food server, "Do you have any vegan or vegetarian options?" Also, almost all Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, and Italian restaurants have something that is or can be made vegan. Just ask.


Notable Providers of Vegan Food in the Las Vegas Valley

The Wynn and Encore offer plenty of vegan options at every restaurant within the casino/hotel. Ask for the vegan menu.

Slice of Vegas & Hussong's Cantina at Mandalay Place have separate vegan menus. You must ask for them as they are not part of the standard menu.

The Venetian has a restaurant called Canyon Ranch Grill that offers some vegan options.

Harrah's has Ice Pan, a custom ice cream shop that can make soy-based vegan ice cream.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (over 20 locations across the Vegas valley) offers vegan chick'n by Beyond Meat available to add to any salad, wrap, or sandwich.

The Yard House at Town Square or Red Rock Station offers vegan chick'n and vegan "beef" by Gardein available as a substitute for many menu items

Pura Vida Bistro & Bakery is a 100% vegan restaurant offering both raw and cooked foods as well as some gluten-free options too. They are located at 1236 Western Ave Las Vegas, NV. The phone is 702-722-0108.

Red Velvet Cafe is low fat cafe with large vegan menu and tons of vegan desserts. Although they do serve meat and cheese, their vegan options are generally received well by vegans and carnivores alike. Multiple locations: 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South Suite #1850 and 7875 West Sahara Avenue.

Veg Out sells prepared healthy, low fat 100% vegan food at local farmer's markets. Call 702-420-2334 or visit for more info about Veg Out.

Go Raw Cafe offers raw vegan food. Two locations: 2910 Lake East Drive and 2381 Windmill Lane.

Veggie Delight is a vegetarian café with large selection of Asian food. Many items can be made vegan. The restaurant is at 3504 Wynn Road Las Vegas, NV and their phone is 702-310-6565.

Veggie House offers a selection of vegetarian Chinese food. Ask for vegan options. It's on the second floor in China Town at 5115 Spring Mountain Rd. Ste. 203 Las Vegas, NV. Phone is 702-431-5802.

Ronald's Donuts is a famous place known for selling vegan donuts at cheap prices. The top two shelves are vegan. They are at 4600 Spring Mountain Las Vegas, NV

Mint is an Indian restaurant that often offers a buffet with clearly marked vegan options. They do sell meat but the owner is very understanding of vegetarian and vegan preferences and aims to please. Mint is located at 730 East Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV and their phone number is 702-894-9334

Komol is a Thai restaurant with large a vegetarian/vegan menu. They are at 953 East Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702-731-6542

NAGA in Henderson - Thai food in a modern atmosphere, many dishes marked on the menu can be made vegan. Address: 76 W Horizon Ridge Parkway #150 Henderson, NV. Phone: 702-508-2008

Somosa Factory is an Indian restaurant just a bit west of The Strip. One of the chefs is vegan. Just ask "what's vegan?" Samosa Factory is located at 4604 West Sahara Avenue #6 Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702-258-9196

Mantra Masala is an Indian restaurant with vegan options (ask your food server "what is vegan on the menu?"). Address: 8530 West Warm Springs #101 Las Vegas, NV

Thai Style Noodle House offers Asian food at low costs. They have a separate large vegetarian/vegan menu that you must ask for. Locations: 3516 Wynn Rd and 5135 S Fort Apache Rd.

Rainbow's End is a health food store with a cafe attached that offers tons of vegetarian and vegan options. Address: 1100 East Sahara Avenue #101

Miko's Sushi has a vegetarian section on the menu that can be made vegan, just ask. Miko's is at 500 E Windmill Lane #165. Phone: 702-823-2779

Sunrise Coffee is an organic coffee shop. They have a selection of vegan wraps as well as some other vegan goodies from time to time. Address: 3130 E. Sunset Road Ste. A Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702 -433-3304

Greens & Proteins is a health food restaurant with some vegan options. Two locations: 8975 S. Eastern Ave and 9809 W. Flamingo Road.

Bar+Bistro is contemporary urban eatery with a soy-free vegan menu located downtown in the Art District. Address: 107 E. Charleston Blvd. Ste. 155 Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702-202-6060

The Perfect Scoop & Boba Tea offers a small selection of vegan ice creams. Address: 5035 S. Fort Apache Ste. 104 Las Vegas, NV

Nacho Daddy has Mexican food with a large dining area and sports bar. Ask for the separate vegan menu. Location: 9925 South Eastern Avenue Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702-462-5000

All About Catering has vegan options, just ask. Location: 1114 S Rainbow Las Vegas, NV. Phone: 702-300-7102

Pop Up Pizza has vegan pizza options as well as vegan soft serve ice cream. They are downtown at 1 South Main Street.


Other Websites That List Vegan & Vegetarian Options in the Las Vegas Valley
We've only listed some of the veg options in Vegas above. Check out these other websites for more comprehensive lists!

Veg Guide - Mercy For Animals maintains a detailed database that catalogs veg-friendly restaurants all over the world. The database includes details about the restaurants as well as reviews. Check out the Vegas section here:

Happy Cow - Like Veg Guide, Happy Cow has a database of vegetarian or vegan restaurants and food stores. Happy Cow's Vegas section is at:

LV Vegan - A local vegan has created a website with suggestions for vegan dining in Vegas. It's categorized by food type and has an emphasis on low-fat vegan eating. Check it out:

PETA - The large organization has a simple guide for finding vegan options at common chain and fast food restaurants. The list proves helpful for visitors to Vegas who are on a budget. It's here:

Eating Vegan in Vegas - New on the scene is another Vegas resident with a website dedicated to vegan food in Vegas. Rather than a formal, searchable database, he's got a foodie blog with terrific photos. Take a look:

Yelp - By searching for "vegan" in "Las Vegas, NV" you will find a list of vegan-friendly restaurants complete with photos and reviews.
Here's the link:
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Thank you. Very helpful.
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