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I've been lurking for a few months now. My husband and I have been Vegetarians since April. We live in SC and I've only found 1 other veg in my area-- luckily we have 3 health food stores to shop in-- I love Whole Foods! We are trying to go vegan but the problem is.... I can't acquire a taste for Soy milk or cheese.... and I am addicted to cheese...
I really like the Chocolate Almond milk but the plain just doesn't taste right to me. The first fake cheese product we bought was aweful-- even my husband who loves soy milk agreed! I also don't like tofu.....
I've cooked every way I can imagine, used the soft, used the firm... no luck. I can eat the soy veggie crumbles from the local grocery store and those Boca Black Bean burgers are great.... but I just need something else to eat! We are so bored!!!
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