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Originally Posted by isowish View Post

example of my scoping out of firefly fans:

I thought you would turn up in this thread because you used 'gorram' in a sentence on VB.

Did I?

I mean, I probably did. Most of my friends and email pals are Firefly fans and I use it all the time. I have to fight the urge to use it in places where the uninitiated heathens might be confused by it. Guess one slipped by.

Oh, actually, I think I nominated Mal for best good guy in an Entertainment forum thread troub started.

Originally Posted by das_nut View Post

There's a few horrible episodes of Buffy, and that includes several seasons of the show.
Season one is pretty bad. I mean, it was good at the time but going back and rewatching it after the awesomeness of later seasons, well...not so much. The Inca Mummy Girl episode is just plain goofy. And the Master is way too one-dimensional.

Buffy was like a creative sandwich. It started off all right, got great for a while in the middle, and then kind of tapered off to just sort of okay. I still enjoyed the show but it was a shadow of its former self in the last couple of seasons.

Angel was a bit like that too. Off to a slow start, but once it got its creative legs it was awesome. Then they moved into Wolfram and Heart and it all sort of fell apart. And that last episode...meh.

But even an okay episode of Buffy or Angel was better than a good episode of most shows.

Sigh. I used to live for Tuesday nights. I miss them so much.

As for Firefly...there was no bad. Every episode was a gem. The cast was incredible. And while it never had the chance to die a slow death like Buffy, it sure would have been nice to get a couple seasons out of it.

So, yeah. Aliens movies notwithstanding Joss Whedon can do no wrong in my eyes.



PS. Out. For. A. Walk...B!tch.
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