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VB Star of the Week: LedBoots!

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LedBoots is our latest Star in our ongoing series of Celebrity Member Interviews. LedBoots hails from sunny Florida and has been a contributing member of VB these past 2½-years! A round of applause for our new Star!

Here's how the interviews work:

-Please ask only a few questions at a time, so everyone has a chance to participate. (You can come back often to ask more questions!) Each interview runs for a week, typically from Monday to Monday.

-Anyone (and everyone) can be a VB Star. If you would like to be a VB Star, just send me or any of the moderators a PM, and we'll arrange to get you into the hot-seat! In the event no one comes forward, it will be up to our current Star to choose next week's victim, er, interviewee. If you're asked to be a Celebrity, but don't want to be one, you may take a pass; likewise, the current Star is free to pass on any questions they are not comfortable with answering.

-Please keep our posting rules in mind, and let's keep this PG-13 or better. And remember, if our current famous person expresses an opinion with which you disagree, please do not give an argument in return. This is an interview, not a debate!

NOTE- If you'd like to read about our previous Stars (they go back several years,) all of the interviews are archived in the Meet Outstanding Users forum, for your reading pleasure!

Some essential information about our Celebrity:

Real first name? Maureen

-Age? 55

-Sex/Gender Identity? Female

-Relationship status? Married since 1986

-Location (as specific as you are comfortable being)? Tampa, Florida USA.

-Religious beliefs (or lack thereof)? I am a sort of Buddhist. I have meditated daily for many years and the Buddhists are who taught me about that.

-Political leanings? I am a life long registered old-fashioned Kennedy Democrat, but appear so conservative on this board. My main issue is always to stop killing the animals--and stop the wars too, please.

-Are you a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist (or something else?) I'm a vegan. My husband and adult son are vegan (son convinced us of veg*nism as a child) and our daughter is omni: pescatarian with no dairy at this time.

-What is the meaning behind your username? I like gender neutral user names, and I was listening to Jeff Beck when I was signing up.

-Have you ever met anyone famous? Fabulous screen legend Sylvia Sydney helped do our stage makeup and gave us acting tips when I was in high school. Um, Jimmy Buffet partied with a bunch us when I was in college. Not too exciting I'm afraid!

-Do you live with any companion animals? No, I don't have any pets.

-Do you live with any companion humans? Yes, husband and 20 year old son.

-Where is your favorite place that you have visited? Kauai, Hawaii. We wanted to move there, it's incredible.

-What do you enjoy most about being veg*n? The lightness I feel. I feel much happier now that I know what the right thing is to do and how to live this way.

-With whom would you most love to have dinner? My dad one more time.

-Do you have any secret talents? I'm a pretty good dancer (I was a ballerina) and will dance to anything!

-What dish/recipe can you make that knocks people's socks off? My veggie pinto bean chili with jalapeno corn bread is a stand by.

-What's your favorite restaurant? Hmm, there's a new craft Brewery and restaurant nearby that keeps adding good vegan things to the menu! So I will say them, although Mellow Mushroom and their fantastic Daiya pizza has to be up there.

-What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're feeling blue? I go outside, even though I sometimes have to force myself a bit. I like the woods the best, but anything outdoors.

-What's your biggest cooking/baking disaster? Oh ha, lots of those. My husband always tells me everything is fantastic, so I can't go by him
I think the vegan brownies that were maybe half an inch tall and the consistency of hockey pucks was probably the worst. Oh, once I dropped a huge wok of stirfry on the kitchen floor, but for some reason that was more funny than anything.

-What's the one food/product, that you'd love to "veg*nize"? Baked brie.

Welcome, LedBoots. The interview begins!
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Hi, Mo!

I love ballroom dancing. What is your favorite ballroom dance form?

Since you've chosen immortality, what would you do with your new status? Would you live a quite immortal life or stir the pot?

Are you a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan?

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Originally Posted by LedBoots View Post

I was a Star Trek fan before Star Wars came out, and then it was Star Wars all the way.

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