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He has a room for rent in his home? Or is it an apartment in a complex he owns?

Either way, I would never move into a place or even close to a man I was interested in. First off, it's too much. You want privacy and some distance. That's just inviting trouble!

If you want to know about the ex then ask. As a matter of fact, that would be easier. When he said, "I can just move in with X," you should have replied, "Oh, are you two back together?" with a smile, of course

If you got the run around on that one, I'd drop it. Don't play games with him (as that may be what he's doing); move on and don't give him anymore of your time, thoughts, or energy. If he is interested, he'll be back; but you may not be interested by then ;D; and it may be better that way.

Then your other option is to straight-out ask if he would like to date you because you are interested
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