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Let's rename vegan legacy items by adding a 'v-' before the word; e.g. v-cheese, v-salami, etc...

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As a vegan for 45-years, I have struggled to use legacy names for their vegan version. 'Cheese', 'meat', 'hot dog', etc. Well, a couple of moments ago, while making myself a grilled vegan cheese sandwich with vegan butter, it struck me that we would start something simple... Who knows, it might stick :cool:

How about if all of us, AND the industry, were to make it simple by putting a "V-" in front of all these legacy items. I tried saying it out loud a few times and it sounds right. Try it... Say it...
  • v-cheese (pronounced 'vee-cheese')
  • v-meat
  • v-salami
  • v-lasagna
  • v-tiramisu
  • v-cake
  • etc.
My daughter had written a paper in law school about the ongoing struggles with naming and how the legacy industries were fighting the adoption of the word. They don't want you calling it cheddar cheese when it's vegan cheddar cheese. I get that, so we call it 'cheddar v-cheese'. It's just shorthand for vegan. Why not just call it vegan cheese? For one, we've tried for years and it has not caught on. It almost sounds apologetic.

Look, this is just an early morning inspiration. It may not have legs. But I, for one, am going to try to use the term with my wife over the next few days and see if it sticks and becomes second nature. If it does, we might be on to something...
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