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So, this meal gets made quite often in our house.

Uppma is usually made with semolina, but sometimes we use quinoa, or rice.

Uppma (oo-pa-ma) starts with hot coconut oil in a large skillet or wok. dump in some black mustard seeds and a couple whole dried hot chilis. You know you're doing it right if the dried chilis are making you cough as they cook in the wok! When the mustard starts to pop add about a thumb tip of fresh ginger, and 3 or 4 curry leaf stems. When the curry leaves start popping from the oil add a cup or so of onions and stir. After about 3 or 4 minutes add some peas, snaps, carrots, whatever odd vegetables you have will work fine. get it hot and add the cooked quinoa, or semolina. (we usually cook 2 cups) That's it. your done.

Kadala curry is pretty much the same start as uppma, but made with chickpeas instead of semolina or quinoa and without the curry leaves or ginger (or with it if you prefer!) add some sweet bell peppers. It also has fewer veggies. We just add a little celery. Add sriracha sauce or spicey ketchup (wet curry). We like it with no sauce (dry curry).

Raita is plain yogurt with cucumbers, green onions, tomatos, bell pepper, and serrano peppers. You can use jalapeno peppers or no hot peppers depending on your taste.

Notes: It is important to use fresh curry leaves. You can get them from most Indian grocery stores if you live in a large city. Otherwise order a curry leaf tree from a nursery.
Curry powder contains no curry leaves! It is akin to french vanilla -that is, it is neither french, or vanilla.
Some of these dishes are a fusion based on Indian recipes. For example, the uppma with quinoa. I don't think you would ever find uppma made with quinoa in India. Only semolina.
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