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Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Flattened rice (1 cup)
Onion (1/4)
Peanuts/cashews (to taste)
Green pepper (1-2)
Urad daal (1-2 spoons)
Channa daal (1-2 spoons)
Mustard (1/2 spoon)
Coconut (2-3 spoons)
Turmeric powder (one/two pinches)

Put the flattened rice in a drainer and put it under the tap (in order to wet the rice). Do not soak the rice.

Warm the oil in a pan. Add the urad, channa daal, mustard, green pepper, onion, peanut/cashew.

Once the seasoning is golden brown, add the flattened rice, turmeric powder, salt to taste. After a couple of minutes add the coconut.

You can squeeze in lime (if available) before serving.
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