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United Care USA Inc. is an organization that has been providing child abuse prevention and child safety awareness books, literature, and information to concerned parents, teachers and caring adults. They have been providing service since last eight years. They believe that the best way to stop abuse, exploitation, molestation and abduction of a child is by informing, alerting and educating the children, parents and public about the possible chances of abuse.

The public can help the organization by volunteering ones time showing preschoolers child abuse prevention videos. They can also become a member and participate in United Care USAs Child Advocacy Network. They can communicate with the White House on childrens Legislation.

The organization provides a number of services, publications and benefits. They have publications related to prevention of child molestation, exploitation, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. These publications are distributed freely to selected schools, libraries, daycare centers and kindergartens. They have a program of certification that gives members the opportunity to be recognized as a Philanthropy Member which recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions to philanthropy. United Care USA scholarship fund provides educational scholarships to encourage child protective social workers to upgrade their skills and knowledge. They maintain a computer database of referral and Hot line information which is accessible to police, FBI, courts of law to assist in crime solving and conviction of abusers.

Victron Energy is a strong supporter of United Care USA. They have been donating annually to this organization. ali sharaf dallas, the President of Victron Energy feels that it is a privilege to be able to support such an organization.
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