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Arrrg! Me mateys.
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Taking a quote about the MeatVideo:<br><div class="quote-container"><span>Quote:</span>
<div class="quote-block">Not to detract from the magnitude of your video but... it's incredibly sensationalized. I would prefer the actual archive footage on it's own without the spooky dramatic narration.</div>
I don't disagree, the video is obviously about getting an emotional reaction.<br><br>
Now I'm on a quest of locating and putting together a collection of videos without any narration or too much editing.<br><br>
I know there are at least some, I remember watching them, but it's been a while. The latest of the ones I have seen all are narrated. Anyone know any specifics or sources to find them? Do you think if I messaged, for example, MFA, that they would put up some footage they've taken with just audio caught with the film?<br><br>
I'll have to wait until a bit later to start searching myself, because I don't think anyone would appreciate hearing screaming and squealing and swearing coming from my computer, even though I'd like them to...
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