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In a Richmond boardroom this week, CABN president Tommy Yuan, Wang and business development manager Kristy Guan were happy to describe boutique events at which CABN playsmatchmaker between Canada and Chinese investors. But the mood turned angry when The Province asked if CABN bought or sold animal parts, along with its thriving above-board, import-export business.
We are Buddhists. We dont believe in killing, Wang insisted.
Yuan charged: You are just blowing this up in the newspaper to make it look as though because we deal with the Chinese client, that we provide this.
The Province then revealed to the three company officials that it had the CABN emails discussing the animal trade. Wang was told a videotape had been made that same day in which she is heard discussing animal trade.
Confronted with that evidence, the CABN officials attitude changed again.
We would not do anything illegal. I said we wanted to deal with legal company, said Wang, saying CABN didnt know it was illegal to export tiger parts or solicit buying the fur of endangered animals.
I have no idea whether its against the law or not, said Wang.

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This is absolutely horrific, and it's especially offensive they tried to lie about it and act like they'd never do such a thing. Clearly they know how morally wrong it is if they feel the need to cover it up.

It's extremely disturbing that this is happening so close to me...
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